Haemophilia A and B

We recommend adequate perioperative replacement therapy to ensure well tolerated surgery in haemophilia patients. 1C

We suggest that perioperative replacement therapy (target factor level and duration) in haemophilia patients follows published guidelines. 2C

We recommend either recombinant products or plasmaderived concentrates for perioperative replacement therapy in haemophilia patients. 1C

We suggest that coagulation factors be given perioperatively by continuous infusion. 2C

We suggest either rFVIIa or activated PCCs for haemophilia patients with inhibitors. 2C

We suggest antifibrinolytic drugs as perioperative adjunct therapy in haemophilia patients. 2C

We suggest DDAVP as first-line perioperative therapy in patients with mild haemophilia A as long as factor VIII can be raised to an appropriate therapeutic level. 2C